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We believe that all humans, including future generations, deserve clean air, clean water, and a clean Earth in which to prosper.  Ecobeetle's mission is to provide a clearing house for the best information and opinions that improve our quality of life.

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Springtime is great time to get out into the mountains on that hike you meant to do but never found time. Poor fitting gear can ruin an otherwise great trip. Here at Ecobeetle we provide you with some of the latest gear to help you remember the best things of your trip. 

Ecobeetle offers a guide to the best outdoor gear for 2009 and the best places to buy them online. Price is sometimes not the most important thing in online shopping, finding companies that ship overseas and internationally is equally important. Ecobeetle has taken care of your search. Who ships where and for how much? Ecobeetle knows, so visit us for all your gear needs.


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Flip Flops Nike

Nike Men's Air Moray Slide

Nike Men's Air Moray Slide

Price $49.95


Sport Sandals Nike

Nike Men's Straprunner VII Sandal sportsandals

Nike Men's Straprunner VII Sandal sportsandals

Price $39.95


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Men's Soft Shell Jackets - ArcTeryx  ArcTeryx Gamma MX Hoody Jacket - Mens - The Arcteryx Gamma MX Hoody jacket is a hooded version of the Gamma MX (our item no: ARC0006), which received the Apex Award for product design thanks to cutting edge features.

Keywords: Arcteryx, Gamma, MX, Hoody, Jacket, -, Mens, Gamma, MX, Hoodie, soft, shell, climbing, jackets, stretch

More Information & Buying Tips

Men's Soft Shell Jackets - ArcTeryx - ArcTeryx Sigma SV Jacket - Mens - The Arcteryx Sigma SV is one of the toughest softshells on the market. The hooded SV is the pinnacle of the Sigma line.

Keywords: Arcteryx, Sigma, SV, jacket, softshell, arcteryx, hood

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Men's Soft Shell Jackets - ArcTeryx - ArcTeryx Switchback Shirt - Mens - The Arcteryx Switchback shirt is a great weather resistant top for autumn activities, and an awesome layer for wintertime fun.

Keywords: Arcteryx, Switchback, shirt, mens, long, sleeve, softshell, layer

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Men's Soft Shell Jackets - ArcTeryx - ArcTeryx Easyrider Jacket - Mens - The Arcteryx Easyrider jacket makes ridgetop winds and dropping temps tolerable with high loft, wind-resistant insulation.

Keywords: Arcteryx, Easyrider, Jacket, Polartec, wind-resistant, arcteryx

More Information & Buying Tips

Men's Soft Shell Jackets - ArcTeryx - ArcTeryx Alpha Comp Hoody - Mens - The Arcteryx Alpha Comp Hoody is great halfway up a pitch, and not too shabby on skis either.

Keywords: The, ArcTeryx, Mens, Alpha, Comp, Hoody, jacket, soft, shell, hybrid, softshell, hoodie

More Information & Buying Tips

Men's Soft Shell Jackets - ArcTeryx - ArcTeryx Alpha Comp Hoody - Mens - The Arcteryx Alpha Comp Hoody uses a combination of PTFE waterproof paneling and Schoeller Dynamic soft shell to provide superior weather resistance, while retaining the incredible breathability of a soft shell.

Keywords: Arcteryx, Alpha, Comp, Hoody, soft, shell, Schoeller, skiing, climbing, snowboarding

More Information & Buying Tips

Men's Soft Shell Jackets - ArcTeryx - ArcTeryx Sigma SL Jacket - Mens - The Arcteryx Mens Sigma SL Jacket is a minimalist WindStopper softshell designed for superb mobility. A soft brushed interior offers excellent comfort, and at just over 11 ounces, the Sigma SL makes an incredibly light mid-layer or external shell.

Keywords: The, ArcTeryx, Mens, Sigma, SL, Jacket, softshell, soft, shell, shells, aerobic, cross, country, fleece, softshell, fleeces, insulating, layer, warm, warmth, sweatshirt, shirt, fuzzy

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Oakley Men's Fleece Jackets

Marmot Men's Fleece Jackets

The North Face Men's Fleece Jackets

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Mountain Hardwear Men's Insulated Jackets

Oakley Men's Insulated Jackets

Outdoor Research Men's Insulated Jackets

Patagonia Men's Insulated Jackets

Spyder Men's Insulated Jackets

The North Face Men's Insulated Jackets

Men's Down Jackets

Burton Men's Down Jackets

Marmot Men's Down Jackets

Mountain Hardwear Men's Down Jackets

Patagonia Men's Down Jackets

Spyder Men's Down Jackets

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Arc'Teryx Men's Ski Jackets

Marmot Men's Ski Jackets

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Orage Men's Ski Jackets

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Salomon Men's Ski Jackets

Spyder Men's Ski Jackets

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Burton Men's Snowboard Jackets

FourSquare Men's Snowboard Jackets

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Men's Softshell Jackets

Arc'Teryx Men's Softshell Jackets

Cloudveil Men's Softshell Jackets

K2 Men's Softshell Jackets

Marmot Men's Softshell Jackets

Mountain Hardwear Men's Softshell Jackets

Orage Men's Softshell Jackets

Patagonia Men's Softshell Jackets

The North Face Men's Softshell Jackets

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ArcTeryx Men's Technical Shell Jackets

Marmot Men's Technical Shell Jackets

Patagonia Men's Technical Shell Jackets

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Ecobeetle Book Reviews

One Million Things - Animal Life

The Incredible Visual Guide

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

DK Publishing continues its excellent resource library for children with the wonderful Animal Life - The Incredible Visual Guide. This interesting, colorful and informative book takes a very comprehensive look at animals. Fun and informative facts on diversity, life skills and lifestyles of the planets many species are presented in a bright and easy style perfect for eager young readers.


Animals Up Close

By Igor Siwanowicz

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

Animals Up Close by Igor Siwanowicz lets you literally “zoom in on the some of the world’s most incredible creatures”. With brilliant photographs by the author we are taken into the fabulous micro world of dozens of specially adapted animals and shown in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner how truly amazing these creatures are. It is a must have for any young nature lovers library.


Incredible Insects Q & A

Published By DK Publishing, Inc

DK Publishing sets out to answer “ Everything you never knew about the world of insects” with its wonderful book,  Incredible Insects Q & A.  What is an insect? Where do insects go in winter? And How Long is a Bugs life? Are all questions children are curious about and this colorful and informative Q & A volume answers these and many more questions in a clear and concise manner. Full of brilliant photos and interesting facts, Incredible Insec

Princeton Illustrated Checklists

Birds of Southern Africa

Birds of Eastern Africa

By Ber Van Perlo

 Published by Princeton University Press

Princeton Illustrated Checklists continue their stellar field guide series with Birds of Southern Africa and Birds of Eastern Africa by Ber Van Perlo. These volumes are the perfect accessory for your travel bag, snuck in with your binoculars as you head to Africa to experience the incredibly wild continent's amazing species of birds. Each volume offers brilliant color plates and cover well over 1000 species each and illustrates the females males and juveniles of each species represented. Brief and accurate descriptions of distinguishing characteristics and habitat are extremely helpful for accurate identification. Birds of Southern Africa and Birds of Eastern Africa by Ber Van Perlo are winning volumes in a great series, compact and accurate which make them the perfect travel editions for your African journey.

Yellowstone Wolves – A Chronicle of the Animal, the People and the Politics

by Cat Urbigkit

Published by McDonald and Woodward Publishing Company

Wolves are animals that often invoke many emotions within many different people. Few animals around the world stir such emotions as the wolf. Excitement. Passion. Fear. Yellowstone Wolves – A Chronicle of the Animal, the People and the Politics by Cat Urbigkit is the amazing story of the re-introduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. It explains in incredibly researched detail the battles over this program in an eye-opening way that will educate and enlighten the reader. There was actual research confirming the fact that the native Wyoming Wolf, long thought to have been eradicated, was actually continually sighted and Cat Urbigkit presents this fact and many others thoroughly and accurately allowing this incredible tale to be told. The story of the survival of the wolf continues to be told and man will always play an integral part. Yellowstone Wolves – A Chronicle of the Animal, the People and the Politics by Cat Urbigkit is an insightful and fascinating read.



Gray Whale

Humpback Whale Identification

Harlequin Duck Photos

Gray Whale Identification

Gray Whale Distribution Map and Behaviour

Dall's Porpoise Identification & Distribution Maps

Harbour Seal Identification

Pacific Herring Identification

Black Bear Identification

Humpback Whale Distribution Maps

Ochre Sea Star Distribution Maps

Sea Otter Identification & Distribution Maps


Sea Otter Photos by Tom Middleton

Leatherback Sea Turtle

Leatherback Sea Turtle Conservation Websites

Learn About Other Endangered Species - Information and Resources


Endangered Birds

Endangered Marine Mammals

Endangered Mammals

Endangered Fish

Endangered Reptiles

Endangered Marsupials

Endangered Invertebrates



Northern Hairy Nosed Wombat 

African Elephant



Leatherback Sea Turtle

Killer Whale

Humpback Whale

Gray Whale

Grizzly Bear

Giant Panda

Sea Otter


Endangered Species Quick Facts & Links

Critically Endangered Primates

- This loud-mouthed, red-cheeked monkey from the rain forest canopy of Ghana and the Ivory Coast is probably extinct with available evidence making this highly likely but MISS WALDRON'S BAY COLOBUS is yet to be classified extinct. More


Critically Endangered Mammals

Florida Panther - South Florida is an ecosystem of land, water, plant and animal life that has been evolving for millions of years. Humans have emerged as a major influence on the Floridian ecosystem. The Florida panther was an important predator in the Florida ecosystem before large numbers of Europeans settled there. Panthers ate mostly deer over vast areas but hunting of panthers in the 18th and 19th centuries reduced their numbers and restricted their range. Human settlement also shrank the range of deer, the mainstay of the panther's diet, and hunters competed with panthers for deer. Only 30 to 50 adults remain, many of which are old, genetically impaired, or weakened by disease and poor diet.

Most Critically Endangered Marine Mammals

1. Asian or Northwest Pacific Grey Whale

2. Svalbard-Barents Sea Bowhead Whale

3. Irrawaddy Dolphin- subpopulation in the Mahakam River





8.GREEN TURTLE - Mediterranean subpopulation

9. Leatherback turtle



Blue Whale

Balaenoptera musculus

The blue whale is the largest animal to have ever lived on Earth. It weighs up to 136,000 kg and is as long as 34 m. It is pale blue-gray in colour with a tiny dorsal fin. Blue whales occur in cold and temperate regions where the water is deep. They travel alone, as mother and calves, and rarely as adult pairs. Only occasionally do they gather in loose groups to feed. The blue whale is found in all the oceans of the world. The blue whale is known to occur in the Arctic, Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans. .  There are three subspecies.  B. m.  intermedia occurs in Antarctic waters, B. m. musculus is found in the northern hemisphere and B. m.  brevicauda also known as the pygmy” blue whale is found in the southern Indian Ocean and southwest Pacific Ocean. The number of blue whales was greatly depleted by commercial whaling before 1964.

Learn more about Blue Whales


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Eco-Living is Ecobeetle's page on ideas to live with less impact on our environment. It follows a simple 3 step approach to living - reduce our consumption and recycle what we can; restore what we damaged; and sustain what we have. 




Love to travel? Whether it's Las Vegas or China, Ecobeetle's Eco-Tour pages feature tours who appeal to nature lovers and those seeking a well organized and respectful trek into the outdoors. Travel eco-logical! 



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Birds of Europe, Russia, China and Japan

Passerines: Tyrant Flycatchers to Buntings

Written and Illustrated Norman Arlott

Published by Princeton University Press

Naturalists and nature lovers are avid travelers and one thing that they must tuck into their travel bag is an accurate field guide to the areas they are going to visit. Birdwatchers can be insatiable when it comes to finding no species throughout the world and Princeton University Press’ Illustrated Checklists are brilliant guides for the field abroad. Birds of Europe, Russia, China and Japan - Passerines: Tyrant Flycatchers to Buntings Written and Illustrated Norman Arlott is an fantastic guide to the eastern regions of the globe.  guide for trips to the far east. This guide offers illustrated color plates covering 1800 species featuring Norman Arlott’s fantastic artwork as well as distribution maps and accurate and concise field descriptions. Compact to easily fit into one’s pocket or backpack. The only nit I can find with this production is the omission of some of the endemic species of Taiwan, which technically is part of China. Birds of Europe, Russia, China and Japan - Passerines: Tyrant Flycatchers to Buntings Written and Illustrated Norman Arlott and published by Princeton University Press is a excellent reference to Palearctic birds and an essential addition to your travel equipment.

Popular Field Guides

Sibley's Birding Basics

Peterson Field Guides - Western Medicinal Plants and Herbs by Steven Foster and Christopher Hobbs.

  National Audubon Society Field Guide To North American Wildflowers

  National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals


The Complete Wilderness Training Manual

By Hugh McManners

Published by Dk Publishing

We all are almost preoccupied with getting the right outdoor gear for our hikes, camping trips or journeys, but do we spend as much time and energy making sure we have the fundamentals of survival? The simple things that we all think we know or should know, where to set up camp, starting fires, acquiring water and treating injuries for instance. The Complete Wilderness Training Manual by Hugh McManners and published by Dk Publishing is a comprehensive guide to covering the basics of any wild situation. A fantastic book for any outdoor enthusiast, The Complete Wilderness Training Manual offers techniques and training in a simple and clear manner. The details are easily laid out with helpful, descriptive diagrams and illustrations that cover all varieties of situations and potential problems. This book is a incredibly valuable wealth of information. The Complete Wilderness Training Manual by Hugh McManners and published by Dk Publishing is a must read for anyone who journeys into the wild for any length of time.


Saving the Oceans

From Florida to the Philippines, many of the world's best known coral reefs and most popular dive sites are now threatened by human activity. Long admired for their spectacular beauty and extraordinary biodiversity, coral reefs are among Earth's most biologically productive, commercially valuable, and ecologically fragile ecosystems.

Coral reefs are deteriorating worldwide due to the rapid growth of human populations and the effects of human technology. Land-based sources of pollution and overexploitation of reef resources are among the most serious human-induced threats on local and regional scales, with global warming also contributing on a broader scale. These threats extend to reefs throughout our oceans, but are of greatest concern to reefs close to human populations, such as those off Florida, throughout the Wider Caribbean, South and Southeast Asia, and East Africa.

More on Saving the Oceans


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Global Warming

Ecological Footprints

Saving the Oceans


Stockholm Conference 1972

Population Growth

The Jantzi Social Index

The Great Naturalists


Check out more Eco-Features


Global Warming

Ecological Footprints

Saving the Oceans


Stockholm Conference 1972

Population Growth

The Jantzi Social Index

The Great Naturalists



Pacific WildLife Foundation - The Pacific WildLife Foundation is a not-for-profit coastal and marine research and education society with charitable status registered in Canada, based in Vancouver. Our mission is to inspire conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems through scientific inquiry and education. We achieve this mission by conducting original scientific research, informing the public of our findings in novel ways, and providing opportunities for people to discover marine life. MORE

GreenDimes is an organization involved in a cause that relates to the environment - reducing deforestation, energy usage, water usage and carbon emissions.  For members, they cut junk mail and plant a tree for them every month. Learn more about GreenDimes


Planet Earth Links

Earth Observatory NASA's Earth Observatory is to provides freely-accessible publication on the Internet where the public can obtain new satellite imagery and scientific information about our home planet. The focus is on Earth's climate and environmental change.



Read the latest developments on the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change.


Want to know how much greenhouse gas you produce?

Click Here


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Save The Icecaps!

You can help stop global warming!

Reduce your CO2 emissions

- programmable thermostat

- hotwater tank blanket

- buy energystar appliances





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